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About Us

As a Big Sur native (with some serious drum-circle, hippie roots), Darya heard the mountains calling from a young age as she chased the Tahoe snow with her board whenever possible. Nature influenced her style as graphic designer and continues to be the main driver of her artistic work.


Matthew, a Finnish-born nomad, wandered the Appalachians of New England in his youth. After a rewarding career in Naval Special Warfare, he found his ideal landing zone in the Basin with the gal of his dreams.


After finding mountains, water & a strong community, we moved to Lake Tahoe in 2020, tied the knot, and started a business celebrating the amazing creations coming out of this area we call home! A black Labrador retriever named Bob joined our tribe thanks to a life-changing organization called ‘This Able Veteran,’ who trains and provides PTSD service dog.


Bob is our company mascot, reminding us that life is happening right now...and now! We couldn't be happier to include This Able Veteran as one of the organizations Tahoe Gifting Co. supports, along with other, more regional non-profits. We hope these gift sets express our love for the small businesses & artisans that make us feel at home every day.

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